Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine

German Technology Made In China
  • Higher productivity, Dry cycle time equals to European machine
  • High overload and bending resisted tie bar. Patent applied
  • Symmetric mould open/close design, Shorter cycle time andmorestable, Higher precision for mould close&open.
  • Unique clamping/open cylinder design, Ensure mould clos&open fast/stable/precise
  • Superior controller system, Excellent machine repeatability
  • Advanced modular design, Quick response solution to customization.

Using European Standard Technology
Bearing with higher safety factor inside the pre-plasticizing base:
IU (Injection Unit) working more stable and longer time.
Stable feeding zone temperature:
Additional temperature sensor and water valve in feeding zone area, to control the constant and stable temperature.
5 independent vertical positioning motor + pumps Flexible combination can make different motor and pumps controlled with different independents unit at same time.
  • With the technology support of BECHOFF,BOLE DK machines software is independent with machines, has its own complete functions. According to different machine models or different customer requirements, we can adjust the parameters setpoint to realize various functions combination.
  • 3 curves shown on the operating computer at one time
  • On one page, at the same time, the operating computer shows speed setpoint curve, actual speed curve and pressure curve (speed setpoint can be settled with 10 sections), easy to adjust the DK machine and more precise adjustment.
  • Spring mould function + 12 sets of core-puller function + Mould safety function
  • Spring mould function can realize 10T spring force, mould safety function can realize the limitation of pressure + time, more wider application area, more safe using.

Hydraulic Conditioning System
  • Oil filtering will be extend the life time of oil and save the cost of oil changing because cleaning oil can stand much longer in production process.
  • Independent filtering and cooling system: The cooling and heating device allow us to hold oil temperature and keeps the constant value of viscocity independent of outside temperature. The accuracy of oil viscocity can be guarantee machine high precision.

DK Series Introduction

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