Multiple Injection Moulding Machine

With excellent performance and quality, BOLE MK series multiple IMM will better meet the demand of automobile, household appliances. daily necessities. food packing and toy industries for their appearance and personalized design and will help customers improve their core competitiveness.


Mould open & close positioning accurancy:±0.5mm
Injection weight accurancy:3‰

The injection moulding progress is set according to the characteristics of product to ensure product quality.

Energry Saving
Hydraulic servo system advantanges of saving energy, protecting environemt and high control accurancy.

After sample survey, BOLE central clamping toggle design can save 2-5% material for 80% of customer mould (comparing to customer's mould clampling toggle design).

Rotary Platen
With wide design, the mould volume is big and has a wide range applications. Meanwhile, it also has variety of functions and can be meet customer's specific needs.

Standard with servo turntable system
Turntable is fast, stable and precise in movement.
Easy to operate. Stable in oil pressure abd oil tenperature.

Tie-bar detach
Without lubrication on the connection between bars and platens, so clamping unit keeps clear.
No copper bush to be wear out for machines from 170-450 Ton.

Linear guide
MK series 170-450 Tn, all adpot liner guide.High-precision and high-rigidity linear guide, matches with slide foot to assure excellent parallelism and positioning accuracy. Linear guide with low friction and little energy consumption, makes mould opening and closing faster and more stable. Meanwhile, avoid the problem of lubricating oil splashing, making the whole machine run more stable and faster.

Two sets of independent injection cylinders at Injection Unit
Two sets of independent injection cylinders at Injection Unit, which can be matx:hed according to customers' requirements.

Single injection cylinder structure 
Based on this special structure, the injection piston won't rotate together with screw to avoid the risk of oil leakage.

German designed plasticizing system 
German designed plasticizing system, based on common materials, e.g. ABS, PS, PP, the plasticizing efficiency is at least 20% better than that of domestic level. 

Stable feeding zone temperature
Temperature at feed opening ls under control of closed loop at temperature unit. lt improves the efficiency and accuracy of Injection Unit. 

High rigidity frame
All modes of MK adopt high-rigidity machine frame, linear guide and modular design to achieve better performance. 

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