Large Volume Injection Moulding Machine

Solve the traditional problems on two-step machine, such as color change and carbon deposition
  • Clamping force range from 4400-40000KN, injection volume from 10000cm³
  • Multi-core pulling modes for choosing
  • Double-cylinders for carriage, single cylinder for injection.
  • Self-developed efficient, energy-saving servo system.
  • Tie-bared efficient aerosol transforming mechanism
  • Low pressure and high pressure pattents for option, suitable for different products.
Electric Plasticizing Advantange
  • Stable output, high change precision.
  • More silent, more energy efficient
  • Simplify strcuture and reduce pollution
  • Bigger transmission ratio
  • Synchronization of change, high production efficiency
  • Provide custom-made solution as the special requirements, and the largest injection capacity reach to 250000g.
  • Traditional injection structure can meet multiple moulding requirement for the plastic products and decrease the exchange time of colour and materials.

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